I thought it was a Heat Rash.

I really thought what was on my face growing hot and painful with bumps all around my cheeks, nose, and chin was a rash. I thought the sun hated me. That I was bound to be beachless in the heat of the summer days and nights. I had just turned thirty two on August 6th of 2014. A week later my face was hot, red, swollen, itchy, burning, and bumps that were filled with pus formed. I had been in the sun at the beach and sorely thought my face issue was heat rash or some sort of heat related issue.

A few weeks prior I had splurged on some foods that would in the end make my face the way it now is today. I am not saying that if I didn’t eat them I wouldn’t have the skin issue I suffer with today and for the rest of my life. I am stating that my face went into an inflamed mode because of the foods I was in-taking at the time. I was celebrating my birthday and when I celebrate I celebrate for a few months. I was drinking, eating lots of sugary items, and eating so much fried gross foods.

A week before I saw my doctor about the disease I now suffer from my eyes became super sensitive to the sun and lights. My computer screen was just to bright as well as my cell phone screen. Then I had my first ever sty. Then I received my second one.

Then my face swelled. Then my face became red all the time. Then my face burst into pus filled bumps that were not zits. Then my face burned. Then my face itched. Then my fast was on fire. Then my face felt like things were moving all around it. It felt like an alien come down and implanted it’s eggs into my face which would move about. Then my face was not my face anymore. My face melted. Molded. It became a face I couldn’t recognize anymore. A face that had a different name. A reflection that said my name but was a different part of me I never knew. A part shy. A part shattered. Shattered. Broken. Crying. This was not me, but it was me.

I had Rosacea. I had Rosacea type two. I am Rosacea. I am Rosacea type two. Rosacea I am. Rosacea… me.


4 thoughts on “I thought it was a Heat Rash.

    1. Thanks but I have looked into Dr. Hauschka. This is the beginning of my Journey. Right now my skin has healed itself with proper food intake as well as finding the right skin care routine. I will be posting updates and how my skin used to look and how it now looks. I do appreciate all addition information about Rosacea and the suggestions of skin routines. THANKS!

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  1. Hi ladyrosacea. Thank you for the follow. Sorry for what you are going through. I hope improvement is quick for you. Although, I’ve only been using Atomy since September 2014, it’s made great improvement on my skin. And since I love the stuff, my family and friends and their friends have been purchasing them as well. Since then, 207 people from friends and family are using the products. I did the research on this company and they ARE about good quality products for affordable prices. And I rather go organic then putting more chemicals on my skin. Let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes to you. Stay Strong.


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