This Cream is making my Skin Flakey.

This cream. The metro-cream was drying out my face. I had the worst flakes of skin on my face besides the red skin, bumps, burning, and itching. I thought this cream was supposed clear up my skin. This was supposed to make my skin beautiful again. It has been 3 weeks and all I have is another condition to add to my skin; Flaking. I could scream.

Actually I scream.

I cried.

I yelled.

I cried.

I stared at my face.

Then I cried some more.

I put myself back together. I took each broken piece and re-super glued them back together. The last time I have to piece myself back together was when I left an abusive man. I should be used to this. I should have the layout memorized. I don’t have it memorized therefore this process takes time.

Once I had most of the major piece collected and re-glued, I drove off to my date.

I had a date. My skin on my face didn’t even care if I had a date. It was burning. It was itching. It was a fiery heat that couldn’t hold back tears. I didn’t want to cancel the date. I decided that what I have on the inside is far more important than what I have on the outside. That is what I told myself. That is what I went with. The date went well. I still cried in the car ride back to my place.

I went back upstairs to the bathroom mirror. I stared at myself. I stared and pulled at my skin. I touched it. I let the tears flow. I screamed. I allow pity and engulf me till I couldn’t stand it anymore.

With tear soaked checks I looked into the mirror, at my reflection, and stated out loud, “I will heal you.”

I stopped crying and started to research what Rosacea is, what the triggers are, if it can be healed naturally, and how others survived with this skin condition. I challenged myself to heal.

Challenged accepted.


When you first had known that you skin condition was Rosacea how did you feel? Did you heal naturally or use some sort of medication?



5 thoughts on “This Cream is making my Skin Flakey.

  1. You probably know these two but just in case you don’t, try oatmeal and honey, as both are said to help. Oatmeal applied like a paste as a face mask, you can mix it with water or milk. Smear honey on it’s own and relax for haf an hour. Rinse off with warm water. I wish you well and hope you find something that works for you.

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    1. This was my face in September of 2015. Honey now is a blessing to my face. I haven’t gave oatmeal another try but I will for the blog. How about an oatmeal, honey, greek yogurt mask? OMG! My face now is amazing and almost better than the rosacea curse. I super excited that you know about a good honey mask. Not many people know or understand honey. Thanks for the comment!

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      1. I don’t ground the oatmeal. I just use organic ones and mash them up with some water in a bowl! I suppose for dry skin you can add some honey in.. After leaving on for ten mins, I will massage it over the entire face to gently exfoliate. Works wonders for me!


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