The life changer.

I was feeling down and out. I had no leads, but I had great friends. One friend, who shall be called Lilly, suggested that I do an elimination diet. Lilly had to do an elimination diet on both of her beautiful sons to find out what they were allergic to. I didn’t really like this idea at first. I really just wanted to antibiotics to work on my face so I can eat, drink, and exercise whenever I wanted. I wanted to still have my beautiful face with little to no effort on my part. I knew that would not be the case. I would have to go the extremes to try and heal my face naturally.

I researched all possible food triggers for Rosacea. Then I researched all possible foods that inflame the body.  Then I took my list of foods I couldn’t eat and made a new list of foods I could eat for a month. I had to eat this diet for a MONTH and then slowly add the trigger/inflammation foods back to see which foods effected my face. I didn’t want to do this. I really didn’t, but looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection that was not my own really gave me the big push.

I basically ate: fruits, veggies, and seafood.

I cut out of my diet: sugar (the gross kinds like cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, splendia, etc… except honey, coconut sugar, and maple sugar), carbs (except quinoa), all red meats, all chicken, all marinated meats, all ferment foods, all spicy foods, all alcohol, tomatoes, egg plants, onions, and a few other inflammation foods.

Do you know what happened next? When I was consuming this diet my face started to heal. My face was becoming me again. I was back. I was happy. I was me. I AM ME.

Please continue reading the next few blogs. I will be posting a full list of the foods that I limited myself from eating. I will also post a week of what I ate on the diet to include recipes. I will be posting photos of my face in the next blog just so you can see the difference. Mind you,  I can’t find the pictures of when my face was super horrible. I think I was so betrayed by myself that I deleted them. WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE.

I will also include all the pills I now consume as well natural facial mask’s and routines that will help your face in need.  All I ask is that you stay tune. Also if there is any blog posts that you would like to see me post or questions answer please get in contact with me. Thanks!!!

If you would like me to be in the elimination diet for a full month just ask. I will make sure to post recipes  for the whole month that way you will have an idea as to what to eat. Thank you for following this blog so far.meditation-aids-healing


2 thoughts on “The life changer.

  1. So happy to find your page, I have the same experience. I met You on Instagram, thank you for replying. Sorry for my bad language. I am Maifa from Holland. I hope my swollen cheeks and burning-file feeling will go away soon, while cutting all sugar and eating very low carbs and a lot of veggies and fruits.. I also have Histsmine Intolerance, so eating and eating fish (and many more!) is a no go for me. So sometimes I eat chicken and oatmeal, that gives me no inflammation or so…


    1. I love fish. Ahh. I would be lost without it. It sucks that you are limited to some foods but make sure that you are getting your Omega’s. Omega Fatty Acids are wonderful for the Rosacea face. Limiting those bad sugars is hard but I trust you can do it! America hides sugar in all things. I had to stop eating all breads and salad dressings. I found a bread maker that doesn’t bake with sugar or dairy! I also now cook my own foods. This skin condition is a life changer but if you want your face back anything is worth the change. I am glad that you found me and I hope we keep in contact through our Rosacea life time! -Candy


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