Steampunk wonderings pre-elimination diet.

I have an adventure which I am about to embark on tomorrow. I will be heading to Boston. My friend who is going along with me found out there is a steampunk festival not thirty minutes away. I am so excited to join these festivities. She also found out that it is Art Weekend in Boston as well. We are going to have a blast for sure.

I will be starting the elimination diet next week on Tuesday. I will take photos of my meals to post with the recipes. Yes, I will be leaving you with recipes. Mind you I will be using my Vitamix and food processor. They are a godsend. I will post the flare up blog before the elimination diet blog. That way you have a reference to look at if you decide to take the plunge and eat the diet as well.

It is funny when I finally was able to see the dermatologist, my face was about 95% healed. She looked at me and confirmed that I had Rosacea Type 2. She then asked if I was on medication. I told her no. She was amazed. Then she asked me what I did to heal the skin condition. I told her I healed it with a proper diet. She looked at me and said, “Food heals all ailments.” She continued to praise me and to keep doing what I am doing. Her words boosted me to continue to heal myself. If I can heal myself so can you!


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