The one thing I couldn’t give up


A known flare-up for Rosacea is Exercise and Running. I actually have been addicted to running for the last few years. I also am currently participating in the Spartan races so full body exercises are in order.

I just couldn’t ever stop running or exercising.

At this point I excepted the simple fact that I might have a flare-upped face the rest of my life. I took that chance. I did the elimination diet. Made sure I wore a high zinc sunscreen every time I worked out outdoors. I cooled my wash off with a splash of cold water and a yogurt mask when I was home.

Then suddenly my face cleared up. I found my triggers. Surprisingly running and exercise is not one for as long as I continue the sunscreen, yogurt/turmeric masks, and splash cold water on my face. Meh, I can live with that!

What is the one trigger that you couldn’t give up? Did you eventually have to give it up? Would you be able to give it up?


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