Part 2 of Kicking Rosacea in the Butt

Part 2:

I didn’t want to give up my vodka and tonics or my wine nights at a local venue. I didn’t want to give up cheese or croissants. I didn’t want to give up chocolate. I couldn’t give up running or working out. I did however give these up for a month to heal my face that was flared-up from type two Rosacea.

I began my diet which surprisingly was an easy transition since I already make green smoothies for breakfast. I just now made a green smoothie for breakfast and lunch as well as snacks. This made the Kicking Rosacea Diet bearable. I think meal prepped some of my dinners. The first week’s dinner was so yum. It was a miso shrimp quinoa bowl with eggplant. There was however a beginners mistake here. Eggplant will actually cause inflammation in your body. Lucky for me, my face didn’t react to the threat I encased on it. The rest of the dinners were salads with tuna or these homemade coconut flour salmon cakes I made.

Is your tummy starting to rumble? I can provide the recipes for both if you ask me nicely. J

What is truly amazing is that you can go to your favorite restaurant to eat. The selection might be smaller than what you ate before, but your face will be happy. Salads without cheese, tomatoes, and salad dressings are perfect for this diet. However I needed some dressing so I used Olive Oil instead minus the vinegar since vinegar was on the no eat list. I also ordered a side of the seafood on the menu. I have to say by the end of the diet I was healthier and leaner. It felt amazing to have so much energy swarming around me.

The next blog will go through the phases each week will bring you from the pains of detoxing off of sugar to the face you thought you would never see again. There is hope. We just need to have the will power to trudge on naturally.

Do you make green smoothies? If so what is your favorite combo?


This is my face right now. 7/31/15 Yesterday was 83% humidity and 90 degrees out. My face however has defied a flare-up with the proper diet, greek yogurt masks, hydration mists, hats, and sunblock. Stay tuned into this blog to find out all my Rosacea secrets.


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