My One Year Anniversary with Rosacea.

On my birthday last year, I had this weird hot, itching, burning, and rash all over my face. I thought it was a heat rash. I thought this rash would go away so that my face could go back to normal. There was no normal. After my birthday I lived with this “rash” for about two and a half weeks till I saw my family doctor. She was the first to inform me that I have type two Rosacea. I had the confirmation a month later when my Dermatologist told me I had it. I saw my dermatologist a month after I saw my doctor. That month gave me enough time to heal my face. My dermatologist was impressed by my progress and told me to keep doing it.

A year ago today I had a silly red birthday present on my face. It has changed my life. I now know how it feels to be back down in a deep dark emotional hole. I have been there before when I divorced an emotionally and verbally abusive toxic man. I have been there. This helped me really heal myself to heal my face.

Would you believe that Rosacea gave me a better looking face? Could you believe it? I totally can. My skin has never been smoother thanks to ginseng. My skin has never been clearer from zits thanks to eating right, apple cider vinegar, and greek yogurt turmeric masks. My skin has never been so bright thanks to not drinking booze. My skin makes me feel amazing thanks to healing it the proper way.

The hardest part this one year anniversary can ever give me was to post my flare-up pictures or at least the ones I could find. Those pictures were a moment in my life I didn’t want to remember, but I had to share. I had to give you proof that what I did and continue to do works!

The best part of this anniversary has been the wonderful community of Rosacea ladies and gents on my Instagram account. They are encouraged, insightful, and understanding. They know what you are going through. They want to learn how to heal themselves. They support you no matter what.

We all have our flare-ups. We can both sit and let it eat us alive. Or we can stand up and take charge of our lives. I decided to stand. What would you choose to do?



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