Part 3 of Kicking Rosacea in the Butt

Part 3:

The elimination diet might seem easy but cutting out certain foods will cause crazy detox withdraws.  Don’t let these withdraws screw up your diet, instead push on through it. Visualize your skin and how you want it to look like, this will help build the will power to drive forward.

You will feel fatigued, hunger (wait starving), jittery, etc. This is mainly from the lack of sugar and carb intake. Beware ladies and gents, sugar withdraw is just as bad as withdrawing from cocaine. If you can get past this bench mark then you won’t crave sugar as you used to.

On a personal note after week two of withdraw effects, they disappeared. I was full of energy and life. I felt amazing. I started to lose weight and my face calmed down.

This is the best part of the diet, which is when your body craves fruit instead of doughnuts. When your body wants carrots with peanut butter instead of chips and dip. You can do this if you really want to.

Do you want to?

Do you want a better you and better skin?

Heart of fruits and vegetables

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