Part 4 of Kicking Rosacea in the Butt

Part 4:

After about a month of this elimination/kicking rosacea in the butt diet (KRITBD), start adding in the foods that you took out of your diet. Perform this process slowly, this allows you to see which foods have direct effect on your face. Either you will turn red when you eat sunflowers or nothing will happen at all.

For me eating sunflowers instantly warmed my face, I didn’t like how my face reacted so I stopped eating them. Alcohol really affects my face as well, I will flare up into my type 2 roscaea instantly, which then takes about 2 weeks to heal. I also can’t have a high amount of ‘bad’ sugars. Instead, I am able to consume coconut sugar, maple syrup, and honey. I have this love for honey, which makes me happy that I am able to have this in my life.

My rosacea, however, allows me to eat all the dairy/cheese that I want without getting a direct effect on my face. AWESOME! I know a lot of people out there suggest a non-dairy, gluten-free, meat-free diet but seriously EVERYONE is different when it comes to this disease. Hence, why there is no cure available for centuries.

This skin condition has been around for CENTURIES and there is NO CURE. That just seems silly to me, but at least it doesn’t kill you. It does kill your inner self when you see a face that is not yours staring back at you in the mirror. Which in turn, makes rosacea unique and something that needs to be taken care of on a natural level.

We can do this. We can take care of our rosacea naturally. I am living proof of this process. The only thing needed is a drive and passion to want to have a beautiful face again. You have to do the hard work. There is no easy way out, no cream, no pills, no amount of money spent that can give you your face back naturally and cheaply.

You heard me right, CHEAPLY. Once you are finished with the elimination (KRITBD) diet , your flare-ups become less and more manageable. Knowing what we can eat and what makes our face flare-up is the best knowledge you will gain from this skin condition. Please do yourself a favor and start it! I believe in you!

Have you started the KRITBD yet?

How is your face feeling today?

Have you figured out your flare-ups yet? What are they?


December 2015 and my face is still clear from my rosacea type 2. SERIOUSLY if you want this you will do this.


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