5 Reasons Why Sugar is not Rosacea’s Friend

Believe it or not but Sugar carries some bad qualities for your skin. Not only is sugar addicting, but it is ruining our bodies every time we consume this white wonderland of future addictions. This sweet heaven is not worth the effect it has on your face. If you have a skin condition like rosacea, then sugar is definitely not your friend and should be taken far far away from your diet.

Here is a list of why sugar is so bad for our skin:

  1. Sugar causes inflammation: Did you read the bold print? Sugar causes inflammation which causes your skin to flare-up. Rosacea is basically a form of inflammation of the face. How do we sooth this inflammation? We stop eating foods or drinks that cause inflammation such as sugar.
  2. Sugar causes Wrinkles: I don’t know about you, but every since I was diagnosed with rosacea type 2 my skin care route changed. This meant that all my anti-wrinkle products which was one item had to go. Ever since I stopped eating sugar, my skin started to glow and wrinkles started to disappear. My skin looks ageless. I am currently 33 and I am constantly giving out my phone number to guys in their early twenties. Hell, I am dating a 24 year old man. I have kicking sugar out of my diet to thank for this beautiful skin enhancement.
  3. Sugar causes Dehydration: When you skin is sucked drive of water, then it looks dead and sunken in. Don’t let sugar dehydrate your skin like this. Drink water, but more importantly give up sugar.
  4. Sugar causes Candida yeast to grow: Eww who wants an over amount of candida yeast to grow inside their gut? I guess those who don’t know what candida yeast is. An over growth of candida yeast will cause acne and inflammation in your skin. It can also cause nail fungus, feeling tired, bloating, poor memory, lack of focus, rashes, hives, mood swings, depression, strong sugar/carbohydrate cravings, and brain fog. A good way to stop all of this from happening is to stop the sugar intake.
  5. Sugar eats away your Collagen: Sugar is so hardcore that it breaks down your collagen in your skin. As this happens your skin will cry tears of sweet sorrow as it begins to sag. Collagen keeps your skin supple and firm, while sugar nibbles it away. We need collagen to keep our skin healthy, firm, and rash free.

Stop calling the skin police to file harassment charges against sugar, instead take action and stop eating sugar. We all want to have beautiful, radiant, glowing skin that is young and supple. The only way that can happen is to knock sugar out of your diet.

My skin looks amazing. I know I am bragging, but it has been through a lot. I had a face filled with zits/acne when I came home from my second deployment. Once that healed about 4 years later I was diagnosed with rosacea type 2. This was the turning point which stopped my sugar intake. I do however enjoy eating sugar’s that are natural such as fruits, veggies, honey, and coconut sugar. I try to stay far away from cane sugar, enriched sugar, raw sugar, and all artificial sugars out there.

Hopefully this blog helped you consider lowering your sugar intake to make your skin look better and feel radiant. Have you stopped eating sugar? How did stopping the intake of sugar change the way your face looks?

403486_393445960676782_1285157482_nYour Author in 2012 still eating Candy.

10307430_1179524515395207_8988895346491023206_nYour Author in 2016 with radiant skin.


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