This Mask Will Make Your Skin Happy.

Have you ever wondered how hot your face could become? I swear when my face decides to turn red, it is hot enough to fry an egg on. I need instant relief. If I am at a friends house I will grab some ice, which is weird as I talk to my friends and smear a melting ice cube all over my face.

The best relief is the Turmeric Greek Yogurt Mask. If I have already made a blog post about this, I am not sorry since this mask is that AMAZING. I am a fan of the mask for many reasons, shall I list a few? I think so.


Turmeric benefits for your skin:

  1. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory. This is the main reason this spice should be on your face if you suffer from rosacea.
  2. This spice helps to reduce acne. If you have subtype 2 of rosacea this is heaven sent.
  3. Turmeric also delay’s the aging of ones skin. Everyone yearns to look younger, which this spice can help delay the signs of wrinkles.
  4. On a personal note when I use turmeric my skin glows and sings sweet love songs to me.

Greek Yogurt benefits for your skin:

  1. Greek Yogurt contains high amounts of probiotics. Rosacea skin love soaking in the glory of probiotics. Probiotics also help reduce acne.
  2. This yogurt contains zinc which is also beneficial to the rosacae face. This just means it is anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce red swelling.
  3. Can produce smaller pore size on your face.
  4.  Also fights premature aging.

This anti-inflammatory, wrinkle reducing, acne killing, and pore size shrinker is highly beneficial to any skin time.

Heed to this warning: Turmeric stains everything it touches yellow. If you place this mask on your face, there will be a yellow tinge after washing it off. I have two amazing suggestions on getting rid of the yellowing:

  1. Perform this mask at night. Then wash your face in the morning.
  2. After the mask has been on your face for the desired time frame, take a shower.


  1. One tablespoon of Organic Greek Yogurt
  2. One teaspoon of Organic Turmeric Powder

Mix the ingredients into a small container that has a lid for continued use later. Make sure you are okay if this container becomes stained with a yellow tinge. After you have mixed the ingredients, smooth the mask over your face. Leave on for about 5 to 10 minutes. If this mask is left on longer and dries, it might leave your skin yellow and red. Wash the mask off your face with water. Then proceed to washing your face with your facial wash, serum, and moisturizer. If you want you can put the Apple Cider Vinegar spot treatment on afterwards. (Don’t worry, I will be posting a blog about this little miracle for the skin)

What masks do you enjoy? Have you used the Turmeric Greek Yogurt Mask? If so what were your thoughts on it?



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