Two Pills that will Change Your Face

When rosacea entered my life, I was not ready. I was not ready for my beautiful smooth skin to turn into something ugly. This turning caused fear in my soul that this face that was red, itching, hot, moving, and bumpy would be mine; that I would have to look at this face for the rest of my life. This face was ugly. This face was a permanent mask sewn onto my skin with permanent invisible thread.

I couldn’t let this disease control my soul. I couldn’t let my mind dissolve. I also could hide in my house. I am a social butterfly, an artist, an open mic night host, a poet, a dreamer, a runner, a club dancer, and amazing. I could let this skin condition rule my life. I had to do something.

Something is what I did.

I changed my food intake. I changed my facial routine. I added pills.



Pills can help your flare-ups to be less intense or less frequent. They also smooth out your face and help to keep that ugly permanent mask calm and beautiful. I was just recently asked on my instagram account (ladyrosacea) what pills I take. Well besides the multi-vitamin (because I am borderline anemic), Vitamin D3 pills (because my Doctor told me I was low in Vitamin D), Ginger Pills (helps my with motion sickness), and L-lysine pills (for my cold sore break-outs which I have had all my life); I did some research of pills that helped rosacea.

The research led me to a lot of possible pills. What did I do? I bought them all. I took them all. It was a lot of pill pooping, but slowly I was able to figure out which ones worked for my face. These two pills actually were suggested by Dr. Weil. I love his blogs and his books. He is an amazing natural healer.  These two pills that I take daily are: Evening Primrose Oil and Black Current Oil.

Evening Primrose Oil benefits:

  • Evening Primrose is anti-inflammorty. It also helps to relieve the itchiness and redness of one’s skin.
  • This pill helps regulate the hormone imbalance which in turns helps reduce acne.
  • Gives relief to PMS cramps (BONUS).
  • Also helps aid in hair growth.

Black Current Oil benefits:

  • Black Current Oil is anti-inflammorty as well. This helps reduce the redness and heat from your body.
  • It helps to reduce pain.
  • Improves the immune system.
  • Reduces allergies in a person.

These two pills are highly beneficial to my daily pill intake. They are the ones that I was able to see work on my skin. I hope this helps you on your rosacea journey.


I also found that Holy Basil pills are amazing for rosacea and stress as well.

Holy Basil benefits:

    • Holy Basil reduces inflammation.
    • Reduces stress in the body.
    • Relieves headaches.
  • Is anti-aging


These two pills will help relieve your rosacea besides it would hurt to add a bit of Holy Basil to your daily pill popping routine.

What pills works best for your skin? Have you had the same success with the two listed in the blog?


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