You Need This for Your Rosacea

I am so happy to find out that the Turmeric Greek Yogurt mask is quite effective on most of your faces! I have gotten many reports of how this mask is clearing up your Rosacea skin. I was actually stopped by a lady today who said that the mask helped clear up her skin. She told me about her situation and thanked me. I am writing this blog for her, since there is another amazing product to use for your face and it is easy to make from home.


I like to call this wonderful miracle worker ‘Lady Rosacea’s Spot Treatment’. I will use this spot treatment on my bumps. I will spread this treatment all over my whole face in the summer to calm it and to soothe it. This is a miracle worker because it helps keep your skin clear and it seems to dissovle the bumps from your skin. This treatment can be used anytime. I like to use it after I put my homemade Lady Rosacea Clear Face Serum on.

Are you ready for the recipe?

1a (2).jpg

Lady Rosacea’s Spot Treatment

1 part Apple Cider Vinegar

2 parts filter water

Tea Tree Essential oil


Mix ingredients together. Place in a dark place or in a dark container. Spritz in the palm of your hand. Then place on the bumps or all over the infected areas.

If you have a small bottle like the one shown in the pictures then 5 to 10 drops of tea tree e.o. is needed. If you have a larger container then please feel free to use more tea tree e.o. in it.

I hope this helps you on your healing journey of Rosacea. I know that my face is happier with Lady Rosacea’s Spot Treatment on it’s face. I hope you are having a good face day!

1a (1).jpg

Have you tried this spot treatment before? Did it work for you? Which should I blog about next the Lady Rosacea’s Clear Face Serum or Lady Rosacea’s Foaming Facial Wash?



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