Lady Rosacea’s Kicking Rosacea in the Butt Elimination Diet Plan



Years ago I decided to start the Kicking Rosacea in the Butt Elimination Diet (KRBED). I basically researched all the known triggers for rosacea. Thanks to for having such a comprehensive list available. In the trigger lists there are some foods that needed to be defined further. These foods were the High Histamine foods and what Hot/Warm/Cool/Neutral were exactly.

One food on the list that I am still confused about is: Broad-leaf beans and pods.

Due to this confusion years ago and now, I have decided not to eat beans or pods (especially those tasty space pods) for the KRBED.

I am hoping the list that I made will help you decide what to add and subtract from the KRBED. I know that the first time I did KRBED, I ate bananas, eggplant, and spinach. They are all known triggers. Eggplant was by accident since I didn’t print off the rosacea trigger list. Banana I personally chose to keep, since I love to eat them. I thought that there was no way this could be my trigger. At least I thought right for my body.

Spinach on the other hand is a tricky food. It is a known Trigger. It is high in histamine. Spinach is considered a cool food and is anti-inflammatory. It is basically good and bad at the same time. Spinach is the Cat Women of vegetables. This is a decision that is made by you. I know, personally, on my second time partaking in this diet I have decided to not eat spinach (even if I know it is not a trigger).

It isn’t too hard to read the food list, but let me set down some guidelines. Column one that reads “Known Rosacea Triggers”, should be the big NO NO list. These are the foods you should take out of your diet. These are the key foods not to eat in the KRBED. Column 2, which reads “High Histamine Foods”, are all the foods that are high in histamines. These foods are on the do not eat list of the KRBED. Column three reads “Hot/Warm/Cool/Neutral Foods” is a list that shows you which foods are Hot (don’t eat), Warm (eat sparingly), Cool (eat as much as you can), and Neutral (have fun you can eat these too). Lastly Column four reads “Anti-Inflammatory Foods”, this is a list of foods that what inflame your face. You can eat most of these unless they are listed as a Hot or Histamine food or even if they are on the Rosacea Trigger list.

Known Rosacea Triggers High Histamine Foods Hot/Warm/Cool/Neutral Foods Anti-Inflammatory


Yogurt Yogurt    
Sour Cream   Sour Cream (cool)  
Cheese Cheese    
Chocolate Chocolates    
Vanilla   Vanilla (warm)  
Soy Sauce   Soy Sauce (cool)  
Yeast Extract Yeast    
Vinegar Vinegar Red Wine, Rice, and Sherry Vinegar(warm) Apple Cider Vinegar
Eggplant Eggplant Eggplant (cool)  
Avocados Avocado Avacados (cool) Avocados
Spinach Spinach Spinach (cool) Spinach
Broad-leaf beans and pods Beans, Peanuts    
Citrus Fruits Citrus Fruits Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, Tangerine (cool) Lemon,Limes, Grapefruit, Oranges
Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes (cool)  
Bananas   Banana (cool)  
Red Plums     Plums
Figs   Fig (cool)  
Lima beans   Lima Beans (cool)  
Navy beans      
Peas   Peas (neutral)  
Spicy foods      
Hot foods      
Foods high in histamines      
Alcohol Alcohol    
Meat Marinades      
Cured Meats Cured/Smoked Meats    
Food colorings Artificial Coloring    
Preservatives Preservatives    
Artificial Sweeteners      
  Canned Foods    
  Ready Made Foods    
  Fermented Foods Miso, Sauerkraut (cool)  
  Pickled Foods    
  Shell Fish Shrimp (warm) Shrimp
  Nuts Pine Nut, Walnut, Chestnut (warm) Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Macadamia Nuts, Brazil Nuts
  Papaya Papaya (warm) Papaya
  Black Tea Black Tea (warm)  
  Coffee Coffee (warm)  
  Energy Drinks    
  Green Tea Green Tea (cool) Green Tea
  Mate Tea   Mate Tea
  Eggs Eggs (warm) Eggs
    Asparagus (cool) Asparagus
    Beets (neutral) Beets
    Bok Choy (cool) Bok Choy
    Broccoli (cool) Broccoli
      Brussel Sprouts
    Carrot (neutral) Carrots
    Cauliflower (cool) Cauliflower
    Celery (cool) Celery
      Collard Greens
    Cucumber (cool) Cucumber
    Endive (cool) Endive
    Green Beans (neutral) Green Beans
    Kohlrabi (neutral) Kohlrabi
      Mustard Greens
    Radish (cool) Radishes
      Romaine Lettuce
    Scallion (warm) Scallions
    Squash (warm) Summer Squash
      Sweet Potato
      Swiss Chard
    Zucchini (cool) Zucchini
    Turmeric (warm) Turmeric
    Apple (cool) Apples
    Apricots (neutral) Apricots
    Blue berry (cool) Blueberries
    Cantaloupe (cool) Cantaloupe
    Cherry (warm) Cherries
    Honeydew (cool) Honeydew Melon
    Kiwi (cold) Kiwi
  Papaya   Papaya
    Pear (cool) Pears
    Watermelon (cool) Watermelon
      Wild Rice
    Buckwheat (cool) Buckwheat
    Quinoa (warm) Quinoa
    Millet (cool) Millet
      Red Rice
      Black Rice
    Brown Rice (warm) Brown Rice
    Chicken (warm) Chicken
    Turkey (warm) Turkey
    Salmon (warm) Salmon
    Lentil (neutral) Lentils
      Bee Pollen
      Blue-Green Algae
      Herbal Tea
    Coconut Water (cool) Coconut Water
      Coconut Oil
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil (cool) Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      Flax Seed Oil
      Grapeseed Oil
      Hemp seed Oil
      Toasted Sesame Oil
    Walnut Oil (warm( Walnut Oil
      Sesame Seeds
      Hemp Seeds
    Flax Seeds (neutral) Flax Seeds
      Chia Seeds
    Pumpkin Seeds (warm) Pumpkin Seeds
      Sunflower seeds
      Raw Organic Honey
      Pure Maple Syrup
      Sea Salt
    Carob (warm) Carob Powder
      Raw Cacao Powder
    Basil (warm) Basil
    Cinnamon (warm) Cinnamon
    Garlic (warm) Garlic
    Ginger (warm) Ginger
    Onion (warm) Onion
    Black Pepper (warm)  
    Cayenne Pepper (hot)  
    Crayfish (warm)  
    Tuna (warm)  
    Molasses (warm)  
    Guava (warm)  
    Peach (warm)  
    Pomegranate (warm)  
    Beef (warm)  
    Coconut (warm)  
    Canola oil (warm)  
    Clove (warm)  
    Cumin (warm)  
    Fennel (warm)  
    Mustard (warm)  
    Sage (warm)  
    Thyme (warm)  
    Wasabi (warm)  
    Leek (warm)  
    Parsely (warm)  
    Pumpkin (warm)  
    Caviar (cool)  
    Crab (cool)  
    Nori (cool)  
    Salt (cool)  
    Rhubarb (cool)  
    Blackberry (cool)  
    Mango (cool)  
    Strawberry (cool)  
    Duck (cool)  
    Mushrooms (cool)  
    Lavender (cool)  
    Mint (cool)  
    Peppermint (cool)  
    Artichoke (cool)  
    Alfalfa Sprouts (cool)  
    Lettuce (cool)  
    Lovage (cool)  
    Dates (warm)  
    Ginseng (warm)  
    Corn (cool)  
    Grapes (neutral)  
    Pinapple (neutral)  
    Raspberry (neutral)

Are you confused yet?

I personally will be eating ginger, turmeric, black pepper (turmeric needs black pepper so that it can be absorbed into our bodys), onion, garlic, and cinnamon. They are all on the Warm food list but they are also Anti-Inflammation.  Since I believe, personally, that rosacea is basically inflammation of the face I rely on most of the anti-inflammatory food list. I also believe that if your guy is healthy so will your body and your face be happy.

For the most part Lady Rosacea’s KRBED do not eat list is:

Liver, Yogurt, Sour Cream, Cheese, Chocolate, Vanilla, Soy Sauce, Yeast Extract, Vinegar, Eggplant, Avocados, Spinach, Beans, Citrus Fruits, Tomaties, Red Plums, Raisins, Figs, Lima Beans, Peas, Spicy foods, Alcohol, Lobster, Meat Marinades, Pasta, Cured/Smoked Meats, Food colorings, Preservatives, NutraSweet, MSG, Artificial Sweeteners, Canned Foods, Ready Made Foods, Fermented Foods, Pickled foods, Some shellfish (I will be eating shrimp), Nuts, Papaya, Black Tea, Coffee, Energy Drinks, Licorice, Mate Tea, Green Tea, and Eggs.

This list would make most people cry, but instead think of your face healed and beautiful. I swear that after a week of the KRBED, I saw improvement in my skin. There was less redness and less bumps.

The diet can be accomplished in a month. After a month you can slowly add in the foods from the do not eat list. From there you can see if your face reacts to these foods. If they do, then that is your trigger food. One of my triggers is sunflower seeds. This food wasn’t on the list, but since I was able to heal my face the next time I ate sunflower seeds my face heated up and turned red. I knew from that reaction that was a trigger food.

You can do this. Why? If I can eat this diet twice, then you can do it once. I have faith in you. I have faith that you want clear skin. I have faith that you can have what you want by finding your triggers through the Lady Rosacea’s KRBED! You got this!

Here is the word file so you are able to download it and print it:

Known Rosacea Triggers


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