Faux Wine Recipe

I know that some suffers of rosacea, such as myself, quit drinking wine, liquor, and beer. I had to personally because it is the worst triggers on my list. If I have a drink, my face then breaks out into type 2 rosacea. Then it takes about a week or so to heal my skin from this trigger.

Breaking myself from the habit of drinking was harder than I thought. At first I didn’t think I was addicted to drinking, since I only drank once or twice a week. I would only drink about two to four drinks a week. The consummation of those drinks was enough to make me yearn for a drink when I was quitting. It was hard to stop drinking for me. I couldn’t be around my friends when they drank. I couldn’t eat dinner with friends as they drank. I craved a drink.

The cravings ended after six months of not drinking. I have been sober ever since. I don’t crave it as much (unless I had a horrible day). I can be around my friends as they partake in drinking. I don’t miss it. I find that my body is healthier. My body feels clean. Another benefit, my face looks amazing. If I feel like I am about to fall off the wagon then I just remind myself of what my face looks like now and how it will look if I took a sip. That is my instant stopping point. It is just not worth it for me.

However through my fermentation journey, I have been introduced to a fruit based fermentation called Kvass. This Russian based  drink is probiotic and super good for your body. I can make Kvass taste like beer or wine. This is the best thing since I found bread without diary and sugar.

Blackberry Kvass



3 cups of black berries

1 tablespoon of raw honey (I love buckwheat honey)

1 tablespoon of black-strap molasses

pinch of sea salt

filtered water

Directions: Place ingredients in large glass mason jar. Add filtered water to the brim of the jar. Shake everyday in the morning and at night (that why mold doesn’t grow). Let sit for 3 to 5 days. Open strain and pour. Enjoy the sweet juices.




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