3 Amazing Tips That Help With The Rosacea Flush

Rosacea, Rosacea why do you cause my face to heat up? We have all been there. A professor calls one you to answer a question. You have a hot date and everything is perfect until 10 minutes prior to the date, when your face betrays you and starts to the rosacea flush. This is the trouble our face gets us into. I have found a few ways to calm my face down when it is rosacea hot flushing. I will give you tips to help except the date flush, only because I haven’t mastered it yet. Where is the sad face emotioncon?

3 tips to help calm the rosacea flush after working out or running:

  1. I have found that splashing my face with cold water during my workout helps to calm my face. I used to splash water on my face constantly for the first few months, now I rarely have to do this step at all. I just recently did because it was a hot humid day and of course I had to run four miles in the pure sun.20160705_124050
  2. A cold piece of ice sliding on your face or rolling and ice roller on your face is an instant cool down. At first I was using ice, until I was tired of having to stand over the sink as the ice melted on my face. I purchased an ice roller off of ebay. It has been the best investment for hot face days. I just grab it out of the freezer and start to roll it on my face. The bonus about this product is that it can be used on sore muscles as well. BONUS!20160705_124145 (1)
  3. This is my absolute favorite way to cool down my rosacea flushing face. I slather on some greek yogurt and let it sit for about 7 to 10 minutes. This is an instant cool down as well as an instant healing agent for your face. There are so my probiotics that keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Rosacea needs those probiotics instead of those antibiotics. Warning: don’t let this face mask fully dry on your face. It will cause redness of the skin. The mask won’t cause harm but there will be a red spot or two if left to long.20160705_124659

Those are my three amazing tips for cooling off your face from exercising or running. I hope these work for you so that you can work out/exercise. I know that this can be a trigger for some rosacea suffers but not exercising can be worse for your body in the long run.

Bonus Tip: How I keep my face cool in class. I bring a hand held fan with me to class. I also will have a cold drink with me as well. My class mates have seen me place this cold drink’s body on my face. They just don’t understand how good it feels. Oh that darn rosacea flush.




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