I am Alive.

I would like to blame everything in life for my lack of blogging updates, but to be honest it was all me. I am the one at fault for not posting a blog more. I allowed myself to get overwhelmed with college and the month of April.

College last semester was a whirlwind of crazy chaos. I am surprised my face stayed clear and only had maybe 2 hot face moments. I stretched myself thin with art projects and being an active student in my college. I remember when hot tears flowed down my cheeks because I almost failed a class if I didn’t pass these imperative pop tests. My mind slipped and I had forgotten about them. Luckily my professor saw my aguish and gave me a different day to take them, because of this I ended up with a B in the class. Hell, I ended up with a 3.4 GPA in this college last semester. It felt well deserved but OMG it took me about a month to detox myself from all the negative energy that it built up.

The month of April is National Rosacea Awareness month. It is the month that I am highly active on my Instagram, trying to spread awareness. This year I decided to offer tips and tricks to help ones skin. I posted every day until social media ate me up alive and spat me out. After the month of April I took a break from social media and posting.

I feel amazing now and currently. I have a lot of new projects that I am working. I am dating a unicorn among men. He is pretty amazing. Besides all the great qualities this guy has he has Rosacea type one on his cheeks and nose. It is so adorable on him. *swoon*

I would love to write more blogs on skin and rosacea or anything you have questions on. Let me know. Email me: ch006@lvc.edu

Or leave a comment on this blog.

DM me on my Instagram: LadyRosacea

Either way I am finally back!




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